A Sister in Town!

Guess who came and surprised me on Thursday afternoon?

My sister Stephanie!

She called me at work and was like, "Hey what are you doing?"  and I said, "I have to go do something really quick let me call you back." and she was like, "Well I'm right outside your work so I just wanted to say hi."

I just said, huh?  But I opened my classroom door and there she was!!  She came to help me organize/paint/and buy things for the babies' room.  She drove straight here from Oklahoma and stayed with us until Sunday. :)  I miss her already and all her mad painting skillz.

My multi talented sister made these beautiful vintage inspired baby blankets for me.  The fabric depicts classic nursery rhymes

Baby clothes in the wash, we organized them all by size and outfit type. It was so much more fun than organizing my own clothes.

I think Dave was sick of painting after we did the second color in this room - the first color turned out straight up purple.  Like lavender.  Which would be ok if we wanted purple, but we wanted a taupe-ish gray.  Hence painter-gone-mad face!

That night we treated ourselves to some strawberry cheesecake

Day 2 - Ikea adventure!

Ending with a trip to our favorite restaurant. :)

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The Weed said...

All right, here's the deal.

#1-This post made me wish we were hanging out with you guys RIGHT NOW. I think it was the awkward claw hand... or the cheescake. Not sure which, but I'm serious. RIGHT NOW.

#2-Why, oh why, has my blog not made your blog roll? (creepy obsessive sad eyes)

#3-I'm having a give-away at my blog and I'm giving away a gift card to The Cheesecake Factory. Obviously this is a sign of some sort.

My thinking is: enter the contest, win the gift card (*cough* along with a vibrator *cough*) and then we meet in Utah and redeem it together.

Deal? DEAL.

The Shums are the best.