Some Things are Just More Fun

So having babies changes your life...a lot.  Like - don't even plan on going anywhere cause you ain't gonna make it.  Someone will poo their pants and get hungry before you make it out the door.  So we just have to adjust and do more things at home or take 1 baby with 1 adult somewhere.

And doing that has proven to be a lot of fun.

For example:

Saturday - Jane and I went to a baby shower together.  All morning I was telling her she was going to a girl's party with me.

While we went to the baby shower, Ethan and Dave went to look at a car, which they ended up buying (97 Acura RL).

Also, gardening is even more fun when you have two little sweeties watching you, enjoying the breeze (or in Ethan's case...annoyed by it).

And my favorite of all, a few days ago we put the babies in our bed to watch us while we cleaned the bathroom.  They look so grown up chilling in our bed:

So while we miss going out and doing some things...some things are just more fun with babies in our lives.

p.s. Tomorrow is my 6 YEAR anniversary with d. davey shums.  And since his parents are in town...we get to go out to dinner!


Kirsten said...

Totally wonderful blog. Totally wonderful 6 years!!!!

Holly and Brad said...

Happy Anniversary! And seriously your babies are the cutest things ever! I love seeing your posts!

Audra and Justin said...

Happy Anniversary! Enjoy your night out!