A Peek in to Present Day

I'm so behind on photos from the months leading up to present day, that family/friends who don't live here probably think Jane and Ethan are still babies.  They are toddlers through and through.  Running around, putting a whole roll of toilet paper in the toilet, turning off and on the tv, tub faucet, dvd player, computer, etc..., fighting over who gets to pull the little red wagon (that is currently happening behind me), and talking.  All day long.

Jane, "eesh go go no sho eesh Eeeeethie!!"

---Translation = "Why does this kid with the big lips keep following me?"

Ethan, "a dadada shoe a show dada"

---Translation = "All I care about is dad, going outside, and baby einstein."

But really, they talk all day.  Jane has said at least 25 words by now and is starting to enter the phase of repeating.  The other day I said, "say please" and she said, "peeze."  I died inside cause that is a little too grown up for me.  When I said, "say please" it was more like an automatic thing I would say to anyone who was being demanding.  I didn't think she'd actually say it.

Ethan's favorite thing to say right now is, "HI!" To everyone.  Including strangers at church, his peanut butter and jelly sandwich, his puppy, and me...like 20 times in a day."  I love it.  He says it with a big smile.  It's a peek in to his personality.

They have both said their first "sentence."

Jane = "Bye Dad Dee"
Ethan = "Hi Dada"

When do they say mama?  When they are hurt, hungry, tired, grouchy. :)  Just kidding, those aren't the ONLY times.

Anyway, here are some pictures of my cute little 18 month old kids, out on my front porch, riding a horsey.  Like a big kid would do.


Janssen said...

They are WAYYYYYYY too cute.

lindseycragun said...

What fun little people you get to hang out with all say! So darling!

Amber said...

What darling babies you have!!!