Mini Cougars {present day}

The weather was so nice today, we all spent a few hours outside in our back yard.  Just look at some of this cuteness:

 Finally it wasn't in the hundreds outside and I could put these cute jeans on Jane.  She is totally feeling fancy and struttin her stuff.

Dave picked out their jammies and of course, made sure they were in game gear for the BYU game tonight!  They look so cute in their Y shirts.  

Now they are fast asleep and Dave & I are eating twizzlers, watching the game.  It was a good Saturday with our mini cougars.


Steve and Katrina said...

That is funny about their jammies. Steve did the same thing for the first game of the season. He picked out BYU shirts for all the kids to wear to bed and I was like, "those aren't jammies" and he was like, "I don't care, they are wearing BYU clothes to bed!":)

I just think your kids are so adorable. And it's fun to see what they are doing since they are so close in age to Beckett. Though they look way bigger than him.

jkhoek said...

I need to squeeze them and watch them climb and play! I know it shouldn't be a surprise to me but how do you have such big kiddos at your house already?! I love them, and you guys :) And I love all the curls on their cute heads.