Ethan and Jane's First Trip to the Beach

Back in May, we took a trip to South Padre Island with some friends of ours.  We rented a big house with 6 bedrooms, split up the meals, and relaxed...or tried to relax!  Vacationing is much different with kids.  Instead of staying up late watching movies and sleeping in, you stay up late watching movies, and dread getting up at 6:30am when the kids get up!  This house had lots (and lots) of stairs.  So Jane and Ethan's mission in life was to climb them.  Even though they didn't know how.

And the beach?  We probably spent a total of 1 hour (over all 4 days) at the actual beach.  But, that's just how it goes when you have two 15 month olds.  You find little joys in things other than sitting in the sand sipping an ice cold dr. pepper.  Mmm...sounds nice.

Like for instance, going out to eat and watching their faces when they taste a coconut milk shake.  Or laughing at how cute they look in pirate hats:

And you're telling me milk shakes have been around this whole time? 

That was a coooooold milk shake 

He did this face with his lips the whole trip.  It was so cute!

Ya I could get used to that!

I don't know what he was doing here, but he has a crazy face and 1 little tooth. 

Getting them to sleep at night was the hardest part about the trip.  They are quite fond of their cribs, which is something that we worked hard to make possible.  But for this trip, it backfired. It took them hours to fall asleep the first night.  They slept in a room below us, and one morning we heard them joyfully talking on the monitor at 6:30am, we went in and found this:

Ok ok...it's time for chunky baby cuteness at the beach:

Beach Beauty

Rolls for ankles.  Love it.

And the post beach bath:

Fun times at the beach house:

Still a little wobbly when she walks

 Oh that belly!

Curly Haired Cutie 

Trying to break through the barricade we made for the stairs. 

The hugest sodas EVER

South Padre ~ May 2012
The Girls 

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jkhoek said...

His lips...her thighs...oh my goodness! What a fun trip!