Our Story from May (or part of it at least)

May was a fun month.  We had visitors, a trip to the beach, and 2 trips to Oklahoma.

First the visitors!  One of my best friends from high school, Briton, and her family came to visit for a few days. We had a picnic at the Arboretum together followed by some yummy Amy's Ice Cream.

On the way to the picnic:

Ethan and Isca chowing down 

Janey and Hollis 

Isca and Jane 

Beautiful Lady 

Silly Girls!

We were so happy to have them here with us!  We had a great time.

Then we took a trip to Oklahoma for my nephew Isaac's baptism.  It was great to see my family, even just for a weekend.
My brother's cute family! 

The Layton Siblings!

Back in Austin, we had our fun Friday visit from the Larsen family. Including lunch at Jessica's Cafe! We were lucky to be joined by the Renchers too!  (Gavin, Briton, Ethan, Dean, Amelia, and Jane)
The Larsen kids have been coming over on Friday afternoons after school for a few months.  They were usually hungry for a snack, so I started calling my kitchen "Jessica's Cafe." Sometimes I have menus for them to order from and a fancy tablecloth.  They will call on Fridays and ask if my cafe is open.  It's a fun thing for all of us to look forward to at the end of the week!

Amelia and Briton are always such cute helpers and ask when Jane and Ethan need bottles so they can help feed them. 

Then we were able to take another trip to Oklahoma for my sister LeAnne's wedding!  First though, we had to take LeAnne out for her bachelorette party!!

We rented a big fancy SUV, put on gangsta tunes, and hit up cheesecake factory, followed by a night on the town dancing.  It was such a fun night.
My amazing sisters Stephanie and LeAnne

Delicious Strawberry mock-tails for the drive.

Jordan and LeAnne were married the next day, I was lucky to be their photographer.  It was a beautiful ceremony:

My beautiful sister LeAnne

Next post will be all about our fun trip to South Padre!  The babies' first trip to the beach (they were probably there a total of 40 minutes over 5 days).  More to come! :)

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