It's Like a Play Place for Grown ups

How many of you have every been to Ikea?  It is like 5 Costco's (or Sam's) put together.  Add more furniture, take away the groceries, add a cafeteria, a daycare for the children, and a huge warehouse were you get your own items off the shelf.  That is Ikea.

You think I am kidding about the size?  Check out this map (and this is only of the showrooms, not the marketplace, cafeteria, or self serve warehouse).

We love this place though.  Especially since a lot of the fun things we can do now that we have a house.  Here is a short photo list of things I want from there right now:

Butcher Block Counter tops to go with my freshly painted cabinets:
White TV stand
and I'll have you...
Vanity for the Master Bedroom
Oh and I have to tell you that we finally picked our family room/kitchen paint color!  Some of you know the battle we have put ourselves through to pick a color (see previous posts with 97 paint samples...not really but it felt like that many).  It is Bleeker Beige from Benjamin Moore and it is luscious and creamy and perfect because I say so and because I am sick of second guessing our color choice.  Also we are currently putting it on the walls, so it stays.

Bleeker Beige

And just FYI I am thinking the accent colors are going to be blue and yellow.  You have to see it to believe it, but I have some good feelings about it.  Wish us luck! :)


Janssen said...

I love IKEA too - I could spend all day there (Bart, however, could not).

Steoger Fam said...

I love IKEA too, but when I have the two little monkeys I can never find my way out of the maze!

Natalie said...

Okay Jessica, my kitchen/dining room is going to be brown, blue and yellow. Get out of my thoughts and stop stealing my ideas!