Updates from the Secret Garden

Ok it isn't a secret garden, but I loved that book when I was little so I call it my Secret Garden.

One of my favorite things about this house is the sunny front porch:

These hanging baskets are called Lantana.  They are so cheery and bright:
If you look closely you can see a little green bug right in front of the second bud in the middle.

Over by the front flower bed, I have a few potted plants, a few bushes, and some purple beauties.
A new bud on one of my Zennia plants.

When I am outside watering my flower garden, I usually love all things nature.  Except him...

I have major plans for a few trellises with climbing plants, a crape myrtle tree, and a yellow bush of some sort.  
--I heart gardening--


Kirsten said...

Joe says that even though it's not a yellow bush, you could consider a tinkerbelle lilac. We even looked it up, and it's hardy for your zone!

Amy and Clark said...

I'm continuously surprised with how much I enjoy (and can spend money on) gardening and planting and growing things. I guess gardening isn't the #1 hobby for nothing!