Ya'll x 3

Can you say Ya'll 3 times in one sentence?  Because at the local grocery store, we had a lady say this to us:

"Ya'll find everything ya'll need or can I help ya'll?"

I just stared at her while Dave smoothly said, "No we're fine thank you."

Dave is just all around really great.  Yesterday we went to Marie Callendar's for dinner (we were out shopping for a mattress for the guest room and got really hungry...like too hungry to go home and make something).  We ordered the salad bar.  There were at least 3 times during dinner that he said something so funny that I laughed out loud.  Loud enough that people stared at us...annoyed.  Granted we were there during the senior citizen discount hour.  They like it quiet.

While we were shopping, we had a discussion about why we have so many water bottles at our house.  I counted them all and we for real have 6 reusable water bottles.

a. Dave introduced me to the idea of carrying around reusable water bottles with you where ever you go. Ever since then I have been wanting to find the perfect one. Criteria for such a device = 44 ounce capacity, easy to remove lid, doesn't make the water smell/taste funny, dishwasher safe.  That's all I ask.  Have I found it?  No.  Hence the 6 (stupid) water bottles.  Have any of you found one like this?

b. This really stems from living in Utah and Colorado where the climate is so dry you have to drink water all day long to stay normal.  Now that I am back in the humid weather, it's just a habit.  At least it's a good one.

Dave endearingly teases me about my water bottle obsession.  Sometimes there will be 5 out of 6 missing because they are under the seats in the car.  Sometimes I complain about being so thirsty at work because, "I can't find any of my water bottles."  He just smiles at me and then hand washes all 6 of them and stacks them neatly in the cupboard for me.

Love that man.
I am going to stop by Target today to look for my 44 ouncer.  Don't tell him.


Erin said...

You have to get a camelback waterbottle. Drew got me one a while back and now it is the only thing i will drink out of. It def does not make the water taste funny and it has a cool sucky top. i have this one in pink and am dying for another!



daveyshums said...

this obsession is fo real, yo

we have water bottles on top of water bottles in our dishwasher on any given day.

unless they're in the car. in which case they're ALL in the car :)

Jonathan said...

Haha, ya'll remember that time when ya'll and I were at that IHOP near Disneyland and ya'll couldn't stop giggling and laughing? Haha, that was funny ya'll!

Marissa Joy said...

I know you don't know me but I am sure that we would be friends if living in the same state. You seem like the cutest girl ever and I am not just saying that. Dave is an old friend from high school and I think you are a lucky girl. My vote is the contigo water bottles. I got mine at costco and I love them.