My Boys Came for a Visit

2 of my nephews, Isaac (6) and Alex (4) came for a visit this weekend.  They stayed from Thursday to Sunday.  Here's a short list of what we did:

1. Jumped on all the beds
2. Went to see Toy Story 3
3. Played Nintendo
4. Ordered pizza
5. Rented movies
6. Ate ice cream in bed
7. Stayed up late
8. Swam all day long

The first morning they were here, Alex noticed a spot on one of my windows in the kitchen and Isaac suggested that we clean it like window washers. We got out the Windex and paper towels and they made up a song about being window washers and washing windows all day long.

Then they noticed a path on the side of the house and wanted to explore (in their jammies).

A few minutes later, they came running back saying that they found a spider and a trash can. They were kind of disappointed that there was no treasure.

That day we went swimming, played "intendo" as they say it, watched cartoons, got some Kawaii's shaved ice (yum) and watched a movie with Dave when he got home from work.

Saturday was more pool time, we ordered pizza, went to a 3 year old's birthday party with a HUGE inflatable slide, and watched Chipmunks part dos.

Sunday was the day we had to drive them back to meet my brother.  We started out with a little Taco Bell for the road, but made sure they were nice and covered with napkins before they started eating:

And this was pretty much the cutest site...

When we got to the gas station where we did the trade off, we had a little surprise, baby Nathan (nephew #3) was there!  I wanted to steal him, is that bad?

I know this is blurry but I had to show you how Isaac was "helping" Nathan look at the camera.

I asked the boys what their favorite part of the whole trip was and they said, the slide at the birthday party!  Then I said, well what was your second favorite part?  They thought for a minute and said, THE SLIDE!!  The slide wins.

I took some better pictures of the boys (not on a cell phone) and will post them here later.  It was their idea to have a "photo shoot" for their dad's birthday present.  His birthday was yesterday, so we burned the photos to a CD and the boys gave it to him in a frilly pink gift bag (hey, it's all I had).


Julie Allen said...

Cute boys! Love the one of them asleep in the car. Priceless!

Jenna said...

Yay I am so glad they loved Eva's party!!!

brit said...

Can I come and do all of those things too?