3 Weeks Old and Increasingly Cute

Here are the most recent photos of Ethan and Jane.  They were 3 weeks on Monday, hard to believe they are almost a month old already.  They have such individual personalities, for example:

-Awake for long periods of time during the day
-Literally watches TV with Dave - especially if there is a BYU game on
-Makes a cute little coo sound when he's eating
-Likes for you to hold his hand while he's eating
-Great sleeper (even though Jane wakes him up some times)

-So expressive with her hands, they are always up by her face.  She will put out her palm in front of her face if you are doing something she doesn't like.  We call it Jane's "talk to the hand" move.
-Cries really loud in the night for 1 second and falls right back to sleep
-Loves to be held while she's sleeping
-Smiles if you touch her nose with your nose

Both of them are starting to spend more time awake and focusing on our faces when we talk to them.  Just these little changes make me realize how quickly they are going to grow!


Edda Phillips said...

LOVE the pictures!! They are so adorable. :)

Deena ♥ Curtis said...

They are SOO stinkin' cute!!! Thanks for sharing!

Kirsten said...

I wish someone would invent a cuddle-blog, so I could snuggle your little babies through the screen. They are completely adorable.

Jessica said...

So incredibly adorable. What beautiful babies!!

jkhoek said...

Love these pictuers. My fave is the one of Ethan with the green polka dot blanket and Dave's hand on him. Oh, they are so beautiful! I love seeing their eyes open :)