Family Nap

She might be hard to spot, but baby Jane is in here too
Ethan made a squawk and Jane did a big smile


Laryssa said...

Love your babies! You are all beautiful! Believe me there will be no pics of me napping. kisses to your little ones.

Julie Allen said...

You guys are so beautiful....and kuddos to dave for doing such awesome photography lately! Miss you guys!

Janssen said...

Are you just DYING over how cute your children are? Seriously, one baby that cute would put me into a diabetic coma. How do you do TWO?

jkhoek said...

They are so beautiful. I can't say it enough. They're looking older already. And their mom is looking amazing too. Hope you're doing well!

Johanna said...

Seriously do you always look this good when you are napping? Congrats to you for looking great and for making such cute babies. I can't wait to see them.

Amy and Clark said...

You are beautiful, by the way.
I'm pretty sure new moms that supposedly aren't sleeping at night are supposed to look that good.