1 Month Old and in Real Outfits Now!

I had to take some pictures of Jane and Ethan in their first real outfits (not sleepers).  It is getting a little more fun to dress them in cute clothes since they don't cry as much during diaper/clothing changes.  I mean, you would be upset too if there was someone shoving your arm through a onesie. 

Jane's shirt says "pint sized" and she's laying on a beautiful blanket that Dave's mom made:

I made Ethan's onesie - it's a little yellow giraffe.  It's an applique iron on thingy.  And check out the beautiful blanket he is laying on - my mom made it:

Dave's mom is still here helping us out (thank goodness).  She'll be here until Friday.  These kids are so lucky to have so many loving grandparents and friends that hold them and love on them. 

Can't believe it has been a month already.  They're growing fast and I'm trying to hold on to every moment.  Except when Ethan fountain peed on me earlier today.  That one I can forget. :)


Ashley said...

Oh love the pee fountains. The worst are the pooh squirt attacks - where it somehow projectiles onto you and the carpet. Or pee fountains in their ears and mouth - GROSS!!

BUT your babies are BEAUTIFUL. And totally looking chunkier, which I love. Good job on those feedings!

Can't wait to see you (& them) tomorrow and then on Saturday! Yea!

Deena ♥ Curtis said...

So nice that Jane got all the hair... But I LOVE Ethan's "Old Man Doo" Soo so cute!!!!

Jessica said...

They do get cuter every time I see pictures of them! I wish I were there to love on them too!

So stinkin' adorable!!