Basking in the Sun

When I was pregnant with twins (ya like 1 month ago) the only thing I could think to relieve anxiety about the coming change was, "We'll have them on the same schedule."  That way, it's really like having 1 baby, just double the amount of feeding/changing.


Nope.  Jane and Ethan are different people.  They don't always want to do things at the same time.  That is what happened last night when we were up with them 6 times.  6.  Times.

Silly kids thought the middle of the night was day time.  Ha ha ha (crazy sleep deprived laughter).  But guess what the result is?  Oh so cute sleeping kids this afternoon.  Their cuteness makes up for the amount of sleep lost last night.

For real, check out this cuteness

Here's hoping that as they get older, they like mom's idea of a schedule...


Ryan and Melissa said...

I can't get over how awesome your pics are. You are such a great photographer, it helps to have such cute subjects though too. It's funny how Lucy is only 4 months old, but that newborn stage seems so long ago... and I only had 1! You rock.

Laryssa said...

Oh Jess, 6 times??!! Sending much love your way! That is hard! They are so sweet though. I love this picture and the sweet blankets you have over their bouncers. Always photo ready? How do you do it?

Aaron, Bri, and Aizley said...

First off you babies are adorable. I also love your pics. Next I hear you on the schedule deal. Lilly is still not totally on one yet and she is 2 months today, but in a month or so I think we will have it worked out. We're heading that way anyway. I am sorry you had to get up six times. That is brutal! Better luck tonight. Sleep whenever those babies are both sleeping.