Broken AC and Delicious Refreshment

So last week, our AC broke. Brand new apartment, brand new AC - but I guess this has been happening all over Texas because of the 197 degree weather.

85 in our apartment (it got up to 88 at one point)

Ice...my only friend

It is fixed now though and running strong at 77. I wish I would have had some of this during that time:

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How to Properly Cut a Watermelon

Or do this...


christina said...

what do you use to edit your photos for your blog?

i hear ya on the AC. ours is fine, but i was i vegas last week at my parents, and big brother turns theirs up to 83-ish EVERY DAY! they are only supposed to override it if there is a serious issue and a blackout or something is enforced. yeah right. every. day. it's INSANE.

p.s. did you ever make the pink lemonade cake? i can't stop thinking about it.

J. Shumway said...

I need to make that cake this week! I will post about it asap! :)

I just use photoshop for my photos (downloaded some fun fonts and brushes from the internet).

Kirsten said...

Do you remember when we were kids and my A/C broke? My parents and I came to stay with you guys for a few days, but that was only after the absolute hottest days of the year. It was about 120 for a week straight at the time.

The point of the story: I'm glad it's fixed. :)

Georgia Fuller said...

Hope you don’t experience any AC problems anymore, Jessica. This can be particularly uncomfortable for your two beautiful kids. I suggest that you do some preventive maintenance to avoid any problems with your AC. It can also help you spot any budding problem early on. :) By the way, glad to see your kids growing beautifully! And wow, you’ve got a lot of photos of them! I see a proud mommy right there. :)

Georgia Fuller

Darryl Iorio said...

“Ice...my only friend”---- I can imagine your situation while staring at that ice photo. Haha! Well, I’ve been there and I really know how it feels like to have a broken AC. IT’s really a major problem for those people who are living in places with a very hot weather. I just hope that everything goes smoothly in your house right now. :’)

Darryl Iorio

Launce Newlove said...

Oh man! Watermelon is a very refreshing treat for the hot weather! But for me, nothing can beat the comfort that an air conditioner can give you. That is why I always perform regular cleaning and maintenance for my AC. This will guarantee me that it will always perform at its best especially during the summer.

Launce Newlove