A Visit From Some Pretty Great People

My parents came into town for the weekend and just left about an hour ago. We had to show them the beauties of Austin. Here was the itinerary:

Friday: Lunch at Rudy's BBQ. This is a serious BBQ joint...Texas style. Like, 7 choices for meat, 8 sides, smokey BBQ sauce, huge sodas - and they are all served on (wait for it) a strip of butcher paper. That's right, plates don't exist. And the meat? Delicious to the max.

Lunch was followed by shopping around the outlets and hanging out at our apartment. Later that night we headed to Clay Pit for Indian food and went back to the apartment to watch "Knowing" staring Mr. Nicholas Cage (who needs to make friends with a hair stylist).

Saturday: Floated the San Marcos river!

This was tons of fun. You rent a tube and then just go. It takes about an hour because there isn't a strong currant, but it is so fun. We had lunch at some little Mexican restaurant called Mamacitas (which by the way, I got called "mamacita" the other day by some guy mowing the lawn at our apartment). We then went to a matinee of The Time Traveler's Wife and had dinner at Outback.

Today we just went to church and made a delicious pork/cheesy potato dinner and took them to the airport. I am so lucky to have parents who say things like this:

Dad - "I want to go to a Beyonce concert."
Me - "Oh ya, like you know any Beyonce songs."
At this moment, both parents proceed to sing "All My Single Ladies" and they seriously knew the lyrics..."If you liked it then you shoulda put a ring on it."

Oh and my dad corrected me, Fergie is not saying "Gotta get that Boom Boom Pow" she says, "Gotta get get..."

Thanks dad ;)


luke and briton alo said...

The image of you parents singing Beyonce songs and Boom Boom Pow just made my day.

Anna May said...

LOL, that's too funny! Did you like the Time Travelers Wife? I want to see that!

The Glassetts said...

Your parents are awesome!

Jenai said...

Haha! Love this! Did you like the Time Traveler's Wife? I wrote a post with my thoughts of it - I would love to discuss it with you!!

Amy and Clark said...

Your parents are hilarious! I totally floated the San Marcos River in June and had a blast. Also, when Clark and I come to visit I want to eat meat on butcher paper.

PS--It was so great to have you guys in Wilmington with Dan and us! Thanks for the updated photo! ;)