Under Water Watermelon Football

Last night we met up with some people in the ward and played
under water watermelon football

I had to post about it on here so you guys could go out and play it before summer is over because this game is AWESOME!

Basically you get a watermelon (small to medium size) and play football in the pool. Split into 2 teams and place the watermelon in the middle. Then both teams race to the middle and try to touch the other side of the pool while holding the watermelon.

The trick is, you can only pass the watermelon under the water, no throwing.

Spend some time outside today!

Oh and check out this website called Grocery Smarts - my goal today is to only spend $25 on groceries next week.


christina said...

good job on grocerysmarts.com

i used to make lists for them...it is my sister's husband's company. he created the whole system of shopping, and you should see their house! they have SO MUCH FOOD!

plus, you know, it supports my sister's family. which is important to me. :)

Kimberlee said...

jordans office during the summer would do a different water game with a watermelon. They would take it and grease the watemelon up and throw it in the water and whoever came out of the water with the watermelon first won a prize. it got crazy but the guys loved it and had tons of fun!