Summer Night at the BatFest

Every year Austin holds a summer festival called BatFest!

The proceeds go towards the protection of the colonies of bats that live in Austin (even though I'm pretty sure protecting them means leaving them alone, which doesn't really cost anything).
Oh well, I will gladly give my 7 bucks to the cause.

James&Lauren and Mark&Julie

We're Austin-ites

Pretty cool band called AlphaRev

Ahh...vendor food. Pulled pork sandwiches (I had a corn dog)

James and Lauren

The bats

Dave's first bite EVER of a funnel cake. Ya. This is momentous

Hi from us


Janssen said...

Looks like a blast! Wish we were there :)

Julie Allen said...

I just laugh thinking about Dave's face while he was eating his funnel cake!!

Kimberlee said...

i LOVE the last picture of you guys!! you seriously are the cutest couple ever!!

luke and briton alo said...

The funnel cake blew his mind right?

Kirsten said...

Joe had his first funnel cake this summer too!!

You both look beautiful. :) And far away. :(

Sarah and Robbie said...

first funnel cake ever!! wow. congratulations!

martin said...

um, what's a funnel cake.
you guys are good looking.
we want to live by you.