Power Outage and Self Portraits

We had our first Texas storm last night!

Sheets of rain AND
crazy lightening...

followed by a 2 hour power outage.

The thing with power outages is that they are cool for about 15 minutes. You jump around and try to find the flashlight, talk about telling scary stories, then realize that your food might go bad in the fridge and the TV doesn't work.

Luckily the power came back on before we went to bed, because even during the storm it barely dipped below 90 degrees, which means without AC in our apartment, we would be having a repeat of this.

Earlier today we decided to hang out on the patio (standing room only due to the reoccurring pile of storage bins). We took self portraits:

It's me, Homestar

The Shums

Seemed like a good idea?


Jfitch said...

You guys just need to stop!!!
No one should be aloud to be as hot as you guys....really!!

Julie Allen said...

You guys are the coolest! I am still bummed that we didn't get to have a slumber party though:(

t & e said...

That's crazy you guys had an outage. It rained like crazy but we still had power. You know you could've called if you didn't get power. Sleepover would have been awesome!

Shawnna said...

jess -

i had NO idea that you moved to texas. and i am bummed that i didn't get to say goodbye. :( but it looks like you're doing great and you're happy and i'm happy for you! hope all is well. :)


Amy and Clark said...

I hope you reminisced about the time we told scary stories in Dave's basement and Jake was narrating in the King of Town voice saying "Where's my thumb?" or something like that. Good times.

And, yes, you guys are quite hot.

Jacquee and Danny said...

Greetings from Pflugerville. My husband and I just moved here from Carbondale, IL and Bri Scott keeps telling me that we should get to know you guys since you recently moved to Austin, too. She even talked me into contacting you via your blog, awkward much? (LOVE your photos by the way).

Anyway, if you kids are ever interested in getting together we'd love to meet ya, especially since you've received the "Cool"-stamp of approval from Aaron and Bri.