Growing Up

We went to the doctor for a quick weight check - Jane weighs 8 pounds 3 ounces and Ethan weighs 8 pounds 8 ounces!!  This little fatty has put on almost 3 pounds since birth!  And I mean fatty in the nicest way possible, I promise to stop calling him that at least by the time he's 15 or 16.

But for real, when your life centers around getting them to eat and making sure they are gaining weight, fatty is a compliment.  And we were very happy with their weights.  Dave said he would buy them each a milkshake.

By the way, we did the math the other day - we've fed them about 272 times...EACH since they were born.  WHOA.  That's a lot of feeding, burping, and changing.

Here are some recent pictures of our little cuties:


Kimberlee said...

oh my gosh they are beautiful! i love the one of dave sleeping with both of them!!!
and by the way WHERE Is your tummy??!? how is it that you have no baby tummy left after having twins? you look amazing!

jkhoek said...

You are amazing. That number of feedings boggles my mind. Super mom with one in each arm. Glad they're growing so big!

Bruce and Liss said...

THEY are seriously the cutest!
Way to go on the weight gain...that's so impressive!

YOU're super Mama Jessica--you were made to have twins!
I'm so impressed.

I LoVe the pictures too.

Sarah Culp said...

I just want to let you know, that I just showed Robbie all your cute baby pictures (he's normally not as "bloggy" as me) and he couldn't stop oooing and awwing over your cuties. He kept saying, "Wait, your scrolling down to fast!" and "Oh my gosh! They are so sweet!"

It was really cute. No one is immune to these cute babies. I mean, two babies alseep together, forget about it! Too cute! (And for the record, he really has only oooed and awwed like that over our own little cutie)

bet[c] said...

They are just perfectly adorable! I love fat babies. Makes me feel like I can't break them. Fattening them up was always my prime directive for the first couple months. Looks like you're doing a good job at it too!