Easter Sunday

This Easter was especially fun since we had 2 little cuties to dress up for church.

He likes to play with Dave's tie

Love this face...she's not too sure about the amount of excitement on my face.

My little lady

My sweet boy

I put them next to each other on the couch, check out the progression:

It was a great day and we even made it to 2 out of 3 meetings at church before we had to go home for multiple feedings and diaper changes!


Jessica said...

Why is it that Jane is always the one throwin' punches in every picture of them together!? Fiesty like her Mama! :) They are dolls!! So cute.

Julie Rowse said...

I think Ethan looks so much like David. And I love how Jane is getting some seriously big cheeks!

jkhoek said...

I had a feeling you would post some adorable Easter pictures, and you did! :) They are so stinking cute. I love their little expressions!

Sarah Culp said...

Ah! They are so cute!