6 Weeks Old

We made it 6 weeks!

Hard to believe Jane and Ethan are 6 weeks old already.  I love their double chins, their growing personalities, their smiles, and their little noises.

Still very expressive with her hands.  Gives us the "talk to the hand" when she's bothered by what we're doing.  We finally caught it on camera:
 Talk to the Hand

She means business when she's hungry and has been like that from day 1.  She smiles more and more every day and loves to be held while she's sleeping (uh oh).

Since passing Jane up in the weight category he's really taking this weight gain thing seriously.  His double chin is my new favorite thing in life. 
He is still very curious and doesn't like to be held in any position where he's missing out on things.  He stretches every limb of his body every time you un-swaddle him and yawns simultaneously. 

Happy 6 Weeks to my babies.

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Erin said...

wow, i cant believe they are 6 weeks! we need to catch up soon