Grandma Comes Back Tonight!

My mom comes back tonight for 1 more week of helping us (unless her flight plans have been mysteriously changed).  When she left, the babies were 3 weeks old.  Now they are 6 weeks old (on Monday) and have chubby cheeks like she's never seen.  Check it:

Jane chillin in the boppy.

Double chin all the way.  Double complete chin.

And look, they're already getting along:
Except I'm not sure Ethan's digging the current seating arrangement.


Kirsten said...

In that last picture, Jane looks like some of the school pictures your mom made you send me.

Love you!

Janssen said...

How do you even STAND the cuteness?

Julie Allen said...

Jaxon will be so excited!!

martin said...

he he. so cute. how's the cat taking it? not too jealous?