Happy 200th Post!

Wow it's hard to believe that this is the 200th post on this blog!!  It is so much fun to go back and read all about what was going on during the different months (and years) since I started it.

In honor of the 200th post, I will post the 200th picture that I have taken of the babies (ya right probably more like 471st and 472nd picture).  Is it bad if your 5 week old knows the sound of the camera shutter already?

Little E, Froggy, Little Man, E Man

Baby Girl, Miss Kitty, Little Love, Janie


Jessica said...

Yea!! Happy 200th Post, Shumway Blog!!

Its great you are taking so many pictures of your little darlings. I do not have nearly enough newborn pics of Hannah and Logan. Its amazing how fast they grow and how much they change every day! I am making up for all those missed newborn photo ops with Emma though. ;)

I love reading your blog! You really are Super Mom!!

Mhari said...

Soo precious. Thanks for letting me snuggle Ethan. :-) I'll be happy to come do that anytime. They are both such cuties. And I am totally jealous of your cute pics of them.