Happy Friday

This week we:
Tried out the double stroller.
Verdict? Liked it a lot

Duked it out over who had to take a bath first.

Tried on new outfits and grew out of 3 pairs of pants.  They became capris.

Took some good naps and increased the size of double chins.

What a good week it was.


jkhoek said...

I love them and their chubbiness. Period. :)

Jenna said...

They are adorable!!! And yay for the double stroller :)

Laryssa said...

Isn't it way too soon for them to be growing out of things??!! Mr. Seth needs all his 3 month items cleared out already and I'm dreading it! It's so fun to watch them grow. During the 6th waking at night it seems they grow too slowly, but most of the other time it feels like wow, Ethan already has 2 chins - tooooo fast!