First Day at Church

We took the babies to church for the first time this past Sunday.  How did they do?  Dave was out in the hall with Ethan about 5 minutes after it started and Jane slept the whole time.  Ethan got hungry a little early (or maybe he didn't like the organ...it was one of those problems) so he missed most of the meeting.

But look how cute they look!  Jane got a few more pictures because after one photo Ethan was DONE having the camera in his face.  :)

E looks a little concerned but he's oh so studly

She looks so grown up right here

Sleep smile

 And I just had to include this picture of Ethan on Dave's lap.  Love this little boy.


Julie Allen said...

such beautiful babies:) Love those leggings!!

Chelsey said...

Oh my gosh, those are the cutest tights I have ever seen! Where did you get them? Do they make them in my girls sizes???

Laryssa said...

Love dressing up babies! Especially in your cute stuff!